Zalaegerszeg plant moves to 600mm width for all Heraklith® panels

Zalaegerszeg plant moves to 600mm width for all Heraklith® panels

The entire range of Heraklith® Wood Wool panels manufactured in our Zalaegerszeg, Hungary plant will be available only in 600mm width from January 2019.

Production of the remaining 500mm wide Wood Wool panels will be discontinued at the end of December as part of the company’s continual programme to improve its product range and reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing and logistics activities.

The change of dimensions will make the surface area of each Heraklith® panel 20% larger, allowing customers to cover more space with less panels. The Heratekta® product range will be fully converted to 600mm width at the same time.

The wood wool plant in Simbach/Inn, Germany will also phase out the E37 product family in 500mm by the end of 2018 although the panels will be available on demand as special products for specific projects.

“We have been gradually introducing 600mm panels for some time,” says Carlos Nicolas, Heraklith Sales & Marketing Director. “The new sizes have proved extremely popular as they are still very easy to handle, but less of them are required to cover the same area.”

The relevant country teams will be updating the products’ datasheets to show the new figures for square metres per pallet, panel weight, and other parameters.

For more information, please contact your local Heraklith Sales representative.

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