Heraklith standard panel

Solid wood wool panel.
Heraklith standard panel

Solid wood wool panel.

Only available:

  • in fine finishing (1.5 mm)
  • without bevels
  • natural (not spray painted)




Shell applications, including technical areas, railway tunnels and/or sound barriers. Suitable for processing in formwork and pouring concrete onto it.


  • Suitable for outside applications due to proper moisture resistance
  • Perfect for acoustic barrier wall for railways and roads (specifications on request)
  • The wood wool panels enable very good air permeability

Technical properties

Property Érték
λD WW (W/(m.K)) 0.08
Fire performance B, S1, D0
CS Class (10) 200

Méretek [1.5mm] 1.50mm

Thickness (mm)
Szélesség (mm)
Hossz (mm)
25 600 2000 0,30
35 600 2000 0,40
50 600 2000 0,60




For fastening of wood wool panels with glue directly onto the concrete surface.

Solid battle plugs

Solid battle plugs

For a quick and fire-resistant fastening of wood wool panels directly onto the concrete framework, with a setting depth of only 25 mm.

The solid battle plugs are standard deliverd with structured caps in natural or white.